St Issells v Tenby Arches Ladies

ST ISSELLS    53     V    TENBY ARCHES  28

Fourcroft HotelA rather windy afternoon on Saturday saw the Ladies (sponsored by The Four Croft Hotel) travel away to Saundersfoot. Rink 1 was a very close game with Tenby 9-8 at teatime, but finished 17-20 down. Rink 2 was another matter with Ceris side on form.  The home side were 18-4 up at teatime and finished 35-11.

Tenby team first (St Issells skips only)

Rink1 L. Delabertouche, A. Owens, H. Baggott, A. Redman  17   B. Lewis  20
Rink 2 M. Skyrme, G. Beeken, L. Evans, J. King-Thomas  11  C. Hewlings   35

Tenby Arches Ladies v Pendine

TENBY ARCHES  46      V   PENDINE   31

Fourcroft HotelThursday afternoon Tenby Arches (sponsored by The Fourcroft Hotel) played host to Pendine Ladies. Rink 5 were always in control of the game.  Teatime they were 12-4 up and finished 26-11. Rink 6 saw a mixed bag of fortune.  The ladies were 8-7 up at tea and the next two ends scored a total of 10 shots, making the score on the 15th end 20-8.  They finished the game drawing 20-20.

Tenby team first (Pendine skips only)

Rink 5 L. Delabertouche, A.Owens. H. Baggott, A. Redman  26   B. Pickersgill 11
Rink 6 R. Silcox, G. Beeken, L. Evans, V. Williams 20   P. Hawker 20

Tenby v Pontyclun

Tenby   103 v Pontyclun B C  88

writes Mike Gouldingay

On Sunday 22nd May  Tenby played host to Pontyclun B C. On a very windy cold but dry afternoon but that did not lower The spirit of the game only that everyone could not wait to come in after 10 ends for teas & biscuits With Captain Mike welcoming Captain Alan and all the members of Pontyclun and went on to thank The staff in the kitchen for the teas and biscuits In reply Captain presented Mike with a Pennant on the behalf of Pontyclun B C.

Rink 2 Saw S Askew & D Rees supported by H Ebdon & R Taylor this Was In Tenby’s favour being 12 shots in front at 10 ends and went on to win by 11 shots. Rink 3 Saw V Roberts & R French supported by S Davies & K Lloyd, at 10 ends Tenby were 5 shots down but with Pontyclun not scoring for 6 ends Tenby pulled back to a loss of 2 shots.

Rink 4 Saw B Winstone & J Taylor  supported by B Simmons & L Rees. At 10 ends Tenby were 8 Shots in front  in the second half  they managed to hang on to a 2 shot lead. Rink 5 Saw C Jones  H Meades  P Barnikel  M Gouldingay At 10 ends this rink was well down by seven shots but in the second half came back to force a draw. Rink 6 Saw M Skyrme & J Rees up front with G Hill and Ben Cloake at 10 ends they were well up with a 7 shot advantage  and in the second half held on to win by 4 shots.

After The Game captain Mike once again welcomed every one for coming along and supporting the friendly he also went on to wish Pontyclun all the best in the Carruthers as they had just qualified and in there league and then presented captain Alan a glass with the Tenby coat of arms  on and wished them a safe journey home.

Rink 2  S Askew R Rees  H Ebdon  R Taylor  24  /R Murray  13
Rink 3 V Roberts  R French  S Davies  K Lloyd  18  / Brian 20
Rink 4 B Winstone J Taylor B Simmons L Rees  23   /  A Malvin 21
Rink 5  C Jones H Meades P Barnikel  M Gouldingay 18 / A Jackson 18
Rink 6 M Skyrme J Rees  G Hill  B Cloake  20 /  R Williams  16

Tenby Arches Ladies v Pembroke Dock Park


Saturday 21st May

Fourcroft HotelSaturday  the Ladies Team (sponsored by The Fourcroft Hotel) played host in The Park Ladies on a very wet and windy afternoon. Rink 5 saw the Tenby side in full control.  The team were 15-3 up at teatime and continued to play well finishing 29-8. Rink 6 was another matter with the side almost catching the away team, but not quite managing to hold on the the shots.  At teatime they were 6-9 down and finished 13-17. 

Tenby team first (Park skips only)

Rink 5 M. Skyrme, M. Marquiss, I. White, V. Williams    29  K. Cole  8
Rink 6 L. Delabertouche, A. Owens, H. Baggott, A. Redman  13    B. Rapley  17

2nd Senior International Trial 2012

Congratulations to John Roberts for being selected for the 2nd Senior International Trial Cool

John Roberts

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