Tenby v Panther Tourists

Tenby  151  Panther Tourists 71

...writes Mike Gouldingay

Pink PantherOn Sunday 1st May, Tenby played host to Panther Tourists from Somerset who had hired the green from 10.00am to run a competition of their own consisting of two wood triples. With Club Captain Mike putting on teas at 11 am followed by Helen Baggott and Lynn Delabertouche providing a lovely buffet after they had finished their competition. Thanks to everyone who made the effort to play especially the ladies and the juniors Ben and Luke. It was then time to play the match but before we started it was decided to play the other way much to the surprise of the tourists.  Captain Mike then welcomed captain Clayton and Panther Tourists to Tenby wishing everybody all the best for the afternoon. Tenby went on to win on all six rinks but you would’t have thought that was the case because of the noise and laughter all the way through the game the atmosphere was fantastic from begining  to end.

Rink 1 Saw D Rees and P Barnikel up front with J Taylor  and K Lloyd as skip at the back end. At 10 ends they were well in command 8 shots  in front,  in the second half they kept the pressure on and won by 13 shots. Rink 2 Saw G Beeken and R French up front supported by A Hooper & D Spencer , this was a different story with Tenby 3 shots down at the halfway stage but after a closely fought battle in the second half went on to win by 2 shots.

Rink 3 Saw B Simmons and A Owens up front supported by V Williams and D King Thomas, this Rink was a bit of a one sided affair with Tenby 11 shots up at 10 ends and in the second half kept up the pressure to win by 21 shots. Rink 4  saw H Ebdon and S Davies up front supported by H Baggott and R Taylor. This was more or less the same as Rink 3, 11 shots up at the half way stage and going on to win by 23 shots.

Rink 5 Saw M Skyrme and H Meades up front supported by L Rees and M Gouldingay. This was a lot closer game with Tenby being 3 shots up at the interval and going on to win by 6 shots in the second half. Rink 6 saw J Rees & R Hine up front well supported by J Hubbard and A Redman. At the half way stage Tenby were 18 shots up, but in the second half Tenby failed to score for eight ends but went on to win by 13 shots.

After the game Captain Mike congratulated Captain Clayton on their centerary year and wished them all the very best. He then presented them with a commenorative glass with the Tenby Coat of Arms, He also presented the winner of the morning ‘s competion with badges and pens and informed them that he has booked them in for 2012 and wished them a safe journey home.

Rink 1  D Rees  P Barnikel  J Taylor  K Lloyd  25  P Christopher 12

Rink 2  G Beeken   R French  A Hooper  D Spencer  18  K Masters   16

Rink 3  B Simmons A Owens V Williams  D King Thomas 27  A Loxton

Rink 4  H Ebdon  S Davies  H Baggott  R Taylor  32 D Alway  9

Rink 5  M Skyrme H Meades  L Rees  C Williams 24  C Williams 16

Rink 6  J Rees  R Hine  J Hubbard  A Redman  25  S Graves 12

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