Tenby Arches Ladies v Picton


Fourcroft HotelOn a very hot Saturday afternoon Tenby Arches (sponsored by The Fourcroft Hotel) played host to the Haverfordwest Team.  The green was like playing indoors, very fast. Rink 5 see the home side in control of the game throughout.  They were 16-3 up at tea and finished 31-11. Rink 6 saw the home side well down at tea 8-21 but after tea they won every end bar two to finish only two shots behind 21-23.

Tenby team first (Picton skips only)

Rink 5 L. Delabertouche, A. Owens, H. Baggott, A. Redman  31  P. Langdon 11
Rink 6 R. Silcox, G. Beeken, L. Evans, M. Marquiss 21  A. Thomas 23

Welsh Team 2011

John Roberts

Well Done JR

The Welsh side has been named for the 2011 series, which includes John Roberts of Tenby. John was capped in four series for Wales from 2004-7 but has been out of favour since then. He has now however been recalled for the series this year playing in an unaccustomed position of second to current Welsh team skipper and Commonwealth Games Singles Gold Medal winner Rob Weale of Prestigne. Well done JR. Mention must also go to Peter Day, who was selected as reserve for the final trial, but unfortunately was overlooked on this occasion. Both boys together with initial trialist Andrew Muskett are continuing to put Tenby Bowling Club in the minds of the Welsh selectors.

Full team here

Tenby v Haverfordwest

Tenby put 50 past Harfat

Chandler RogersOn an absolute scorcher of an afternoon Tenby entertained Haverfordwest at Sutton Street last Saturday. As is befitting such a game between two of the counties oldest rivals, the green was in top notch condition and was like bowling on glass. Many thanks to green-keeper Chris Jenkins for preparing such a fine surface. A true measure of the speed of the green could be seen on rink two where it was possible to send the bowl out towards the bank side of rink one, only to see the bowl come back round until it was literally going back up the green under the weight of the bias.  It’s fair to say that the speed of the green was not to everyone’s liking but looking across the rinks the true quality players’ skill levels still shone out.

The game itself was a more comfortable affair than would have originally have been anticipated. On rink one Peter Day’s rink had a difficult prospect on their hands against the former bad-boy of Pembrokeshire bowls, Chris Court. Thankfully a new Chris has decided to come back to the game and the Pembrokeshire County side will only be the better for it – like or dislike Chris one thing that cannot be ignored is the fact that the boy can certainly bowl, even with those lime green things he played with on Saturday he was never far away. That said Peter’s rink were always in control and by taking a five on the last end meant that they ended up top rink. Joe Richards beaming as he came off the rink having taken John Roberts for another fiver! Sadly £1 will be lost now that yours truly has remembered to fine them both for betting!! The combination of Pat Currie at three and Peter skipping is paying dividends at the moment as their unbeaten run continues, a rink of youth and experience – or as Peter likes to say “me and the three kids”.

Rink two followed a similar pattern where Andrew took on PDS Jenkins. For once the rink started well, building up an early 12-4 lead with Ben Cloake playing superbly. Dai Spencer took a while to warm up in the sweltering heat but having finally calmed down about the rinks not being set up before the start “wouldn’t have happened in my day” he had a more than a useful second half. Wigan had another great game and in the end the rink ran out comfortable winners by 11 shots.Craig Guymer found himself with a new third this week in the guise of Mike Jackson, Luke Guymer not being able to play and left joining the WAG’s whilst doing his Onslow impression on the balcony following a tumble on Saturday night leaving his right hand in plaster. Still, if we all looked like that in a vest then we’d all be wearing them. Back to the game and Craig played well in the fast conditions with good support from Jacko and a returning Gerald Hewitt. Luke Rees struggled a little and perhaps the shorter hairstyle may be having an affect on his abilities akin to Samson and Delilah, the campaign to “grown the ‘fro” increases.

Finally on rink 4 the new Diment/Roberts formation won again against a strong Harfat rink skipped by former Welsh under 18’s champion Ryan Thomas. With Mr Consistent and John ‘the Slipper’ Baggott continuing their successful partnership of the last three years the rink was successful by 16 shots. A word must be mentioned of our County President. We all know that JB’s worked harder since his retirement from farming than he ever did before. Assisting his son’s in their business interests together with running his homestead and playing bowls for 12 months a year. Well to try and make matters more interesting on Friday JB decided to drop some tree-topping equipment on his foot, thus slicing the end off his toe and nail. But a quick trip to A&E and a few painkillers later John had adapted his slipper and played a blinder – what commitment from the old man of the team. That’s four games down for the Tenby boys now and 54 from 56 points. With the Carruthers first round match approaching on 25th June, Whitland at home on Wednesday 15th June and Pembroke Dock now re-arranged for Thursday 23rd June at home this really is getting to the business end of the season. Can the good run in the Carruthers continue and can this new crop of youngsters help in the quest to go unbeaten through-out this league campaign for the first time ever.

Saundersfoot v Tenby

Tenby take honours in El Classico (II)

Luke Rees Ben Simmons Luke and Craig GuymerThe Tenby team revisited Saundersfoot for the second time already this season on 21st May for a re-match of their Carruthers first round game.  Sadly news spread throughout the ranks that morning that Henry Dennis, father of Berwyn and Myrddin and Grandfather of Joe, had passed away that morning. As is customary and minute’s silence was observered for this friend of Saundersfoot Bowling Club.

After the sombre start the atmosphere cranked up slowly over the first few ends with Saundersfoot starting the stronger, indeed after about 5 ends they were 8 shots up. The main deficit for the Tenby side coming from Andrew Muskett’s rink, who were 9-2 down to Berwyn Dennis. However the Tenby rinks battled back, lead by the rink of John Roberts and by tea the game was all square. Curiously in this day and age we then all left the green to have tea upstairs in the pavilion. The reason being that the Health and Safety police have decided it’s far too dangerous to carry a tray of tea down a set of stairs – has the world gone mad?! Anyway Pat Currie – ever one for a useful thought – offered his contribution by suggesting Saundersfoot utilise their “Stenna” stair lift! It’s “Stanna” Pat, but thanks for the £1 fine, you were doing well up until then.

Anyway in this match the break for tea certainly helped the boys in blue as they came out afterwards with all guns blazing. On rink 6 Cameron White, fuelled by four doughnuts six biscuits and a pasty, was like a machine. Consistently drawing to the jack and giving another very impressive display of lead bowling. Again, as has been the case all year he was supported by the coiffure Joe Richards. With another member of the hair bear bunch Pat Currie at third Peter Day and his rink were able to put the Saundersfoot rink to the sword, scoring on almost every end after tea. From a slow start, being 5 shouts down after 6 ends the rink ended up winning by 19 shots – a fantastic turn around.

Next to them Wigan’s rink were again slow out of the blocks. From 9-2 down however they slowly ground themselves back into the game, parity coming at 11-11. From then on, again the doughnuts must have helped because for every end after tea they scored, except dropping one count of four following a tremendous drive by Berwyn to take out a single bowl from a full length jack. Dai Spencer and Mike Jackson really turned their games around after a loose first few ends when to be fair it was only the skill of Muskey who kept us in the game, but eventually a win by 8 shots against Berwyn is a pried treasure.

On the inside rinks it was a different story – John Roberts taking over the skipping duties from Paul Diment certainly had his work cut out for him against Donny Poole and Simon Evans. Mike Jackson Jon WebbHowever it was the Tenby rink who grabbed this game by the scruff of the neck. Tenby’s Mr Consistent this year, Neil Dickenson put in another fine performance, as did JB who always likes saving his best bowls for when playing with Paul. If only to get him of his back I think! The move appears to be an inspired one by the selectors (!) as John looked in inspirational form, even playing a few weighted woods. They were convincing winners in this encounter, winning by 12 shots and only losing 7 ends in the process.

Sadly the successes of the other three rinks could not be repeated by “the babies”. Craig Guymer’s rink losing by 9 shots to an excellent Myrddin Dennis and an inform Alan Brain. Try as the boys might they simply couldn’t get a foothold in the game and were always on the back foot, eventually losing out by 9. At least it gave the Captain more people to fine however; the end of season venue has now been changed to The Ritz.

So a solid 30 shot win for Tenby means that so far they have only dropped 2 points out of a possible 42.

Tenby v Kettering Athletic

Tenby  125  Kettering Athletic 104

writes Mike Gouldingay..

On Monday 30th June Tenby Played host to Kettering Athletic B C.  After a rather dull start in the morning with the weather conditions. At 2.00pm the sun came out and it turned out to be a nice afternoon. First of all captain Mike welcomed Captain Albert and the visitors looking forward to a nice friendly afternoon's bowling. At 10 ends we all went in for teas with both Captains thanking the ladies for the refreshments.

Rink 1 Saw V Roberts & R French supported by S Davies & R Taylor at the half way stage Tenby were 6 shots up and things were much the same in the second half and went on to win by 9 shots. Rink 2 Saw C Jones  & H Meades up front supported by M Gouldingay and young B Simmons who had a very good game as skip at the half way stage it was all level But Tenby went on to win by picking up 4 shots on the last end. Rink 3  Saw Young A Lloyd & D Rees up front supported by P Barnikel & A Hooper. At the half way stage Tenby were 11 Shots in front In the second  things did not get any better for the visitors with Tenby going on to win by 18 shots.

Rink 4 Saw S Askew & B Winstone up front supported by J Taylor & R Silcox at the half way stage it was all  level But in the second half with Tenby stuck on 12 for 5 ends it must have been a unlucky number  The visitors went on to win by 7 shots. Rink 5 Saw J Rees 7 B Benham up front supported by G Beeken & G Hill At the interval Tenby were 2  shots down  But in the second half  came back to take 6 shots in the last 3 ends and went on to win by 4. Rink 6 Saw  M Skyrme & F Broomhead  up front support by H  Ebdon & J Hubbard. Tenby did not get off to a very good start by being 9 shots down in the first half and in the second half things were more or less the same with the visitors winning by 10 shots.

After the game Captain Mike one again welcomed Captain Albert and all the visitors for what  as been a very nice and friendly afternoon  although Tenby won by 21 shots. He announced it as a draw he also wished them all the very best for the rest of there Tour and a safe journey home  He then went on to present Captain Albert with A glass with the Tenby coat of Arms. In reply captain thanked all Tenby for an Afternoon that they have all enjoyed and went on to present Mike with a bottle of Wine. To Finish the afternoon of because this first friendly with a team from across the border Mike decided with the help of R Taylor and players to sing WE WILL KEEP A WELCOME

Rink 1 V Roberts F French S Davies R Taylor 24  / D Williams 15
Rink 2  C Jones H Meads M Gouldingay B Simmons 21  /  S Essam  14
Rink 3  A Lloyd D Rees P Barnikel A Hooper  30  /G Blythe 12
Rink 4 S Askew B Winstone J Taylor R Silcox 15 /B Adair 22
Rink 5 J Rees B Benham G Beeken G Hill  20  / T Lynch 16
Rink 6  M Skyrme F Broomhead H Ebdon J Hubbard  15  / 25

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