Tenby Arches Ladies v Pendine

TENBY ARCHES  46      V   PENDINE   31

Fourcroft HotelThursday afternoon Tenby Arches (sponsored by The Fourcroft Hotel) played host to Pendine Ladies. Rink 5 were always in control of the game.  Teatime they were 12-4 up and finished 26-11. Rink 6 saw a mixed bag of fortune.  The ladies were 8-7 up at tea and the next two ends scored a total of 10 shots, making the score on the 15th end 20-8.  They finished the game drawing 20-20.

Tenby team first (Pendine skips only)

Rink 5 L. Delabertouche, A.Owens. H. Baggott, A. Redman  26   B. Pickersgill 11
Rink 6 R. Silcox, G. Beeken, L. Evans, V. Williams 20   P. Hawker 20

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