Tenby Arches Ladies v Neyland


Fourcroft HotelWednesday afternoon the Tenby Arches (sponsored by The Fourcroft Hotel) played Neyland at home.  The weather started off rainy but finished in lovely sunshine. Rink 5.  They were up at teatime 14-2 and  remained in the lead throughout the game finishing 24-11. Rink 6 were 13-7 up at teatime and it looked like they would win, but dropped a 7 on the 19th end.  The ladies finished 21-24 down. 

Tenby team first (Neyland skips only)

Rink 5  R. Slcox, D. White, H. Baggott, A. Redman  24  V. Hubbard   11
Rink 6 G. Brutnell, G. Beeken, L. Evans, V. Williams  21   H. Lewis-John  24


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